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Did you know that Renfrew has a dedicated member that acts as a delegate on the Airport Community Consultative Committee (ACCC)?

The Purpose of the ACCC is to:

• Provide interface between the Airport Authority and its stakeholders

• Provide a forum for the exchange of relevant information amongst all stakeholders

• Enhance awareness and understanding of aeronautical noise management issues

• Discuss and analyze noise management issues

• Provide a forum for the discussion of potential operational options

The ACCC (which consists of delegates from community associations; Federation of Calgary Communities; City of Calgary, City of Airdrie, Town of Chestermere and County of Rockyview; Air Canada and WestJet; Transport Canada; and NavCanada) meets four times a year. The Calgary Airport Authority continues to support ACCC members by providing sharing materials after each meeting.

If you have any questions or issues you think Eva could bring to the Committee, please feel free to contact her by clicking on the following icon:

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