When: Friday November 23, 2018 at 6:00 pm

Where: Renfrew Community Hall, 811 Radford Road NE


As passed by Special Resolution in May, this AGM will not involve elections and will mainly be to bring our financial reporting up to date and in line with our new fiscal year (ending May 31). So mark your calendars for our Annual General

Renfrew Bylaws - 2018 Revision

RCA AGM Agenda


Year in Review Report 2017-2018

Resolutions Passed - 2018 Bylaws / Membership Fees


When: Tuesday, May 29, 2018 at 7:00 pm (doors will open at 6:00 pm)

Where: Renfrew Community Hall, 811 Radford Road NE

Chair: Parliamentarian Todd Brand, RP

The AGM will not only include a Year-in-Review Report, Treasurer Report, Financial Statements, AGLC Audit Status Report, and Elections, the Board is also putting forward new Bylaws and resulting Special Resolutions for approval by the Membership. Those Bylaws and Special Resolutions are available for your review. There is work for you to do this year as a Voting Member!

A quick breakdown of significant changes to the Bylaws include:

  • New definitions and interpretation section

  • Change of AGM date: On or before November 30 (this means financial reporting from that fiscal year will be ready by the AGM, increasing the board's accountability)

  • New fiscal year: June 1 to May 31 (financial statements can be prepared during the summer and be ready for the AGM in the fall)

  • New membership year: July 1 to June 30 (good for a full year when purchased at Stampede)

  • Board meetings are open to the membership

  • Revised membership categories

  • Associates cannot vote in elections but can be voted onto the Board

  • Allows for electronic voting for directors

  • More authority and direction for committees

  • Refer to the Comparison Chart for more details!

The Board has also presented relevant documentation with respect to the work the Board has been doing over the past several months. You may also review the Notice and referenced documentation below.

Please come out to the AGM and help set the tone for the future of your Community Association.


Current Renfrew Bylaws - 1996

Proposed Renfrew Bylaws - 2018 - Final Revision

Comparison Guide to the Proposed 2018 and the Existing 1996 Bylaws

Renfrew Community Boundaries

Outline of Special Resolutions

Message from the Board

2018-2019 Approved Budget


Bingo Cost-Revenue Analysis

2018-2020 Business Plan



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