As part of the community association's plan to help build community, we are rolling out a number of "shop local" competitions and prizes. Be sure to check back often to see what we have going on to avoid missing out!

Shop Local to Win

Do you like to shop at many of our awesome local businesses in the Renfrew Neighbourhood and want to win a gift card? If so, be sure to check out our social media posts on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook. We're giving away 30, $20 gift cards at the end of May 29. All you have to do is reply with a copy of a receipt from a local business showing that you purchased something from them in the month of May. A receipt from the business is worth two entries, and a receipt from a delivery service (SkipTheDishes etc) is worth one entry. The gift cards will be drawn randomly and assigned randomly as well. You must live within the Renfrew community, or have a current Renfrew Community Association membership. If you're not on social media, you may submit copies of your receipts for entries via e-mail to


You must be a Renfrew resident to win. The prizes will be hand-delivered following the draw, at which time we will verify your address. The contest is open to all, but please note some of the stores involved are not open to minors. There is no maximum number of entries, however, you will only be able to win once (have to leave some prizes for other neighbours). Unfortunately, we can't accommodate switching gift cards or specific requests - if you get a prize from a store you don't see yourself visiting, feel free to re-gift :). For receipt submission, "local businesses" are defined as those located in Renfrew, or in one of our immediately neighbouring communities.

Renfrew Neighbourhood Support Volunteering

Are you interested in helping out those in need in your community? By volunteering to help those at high risk or with reduced ability to complete important tasks, you'll be helping to built a great community. Please note that those in need are not vetted, and that the RCA facilitates this connection, but all interactions you have with the are no longer associated with the community association.

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Renfrew Neighbourhood Support Request

Are you, or someone you know, in need of some help from your neighbours? Please provide as much information as you are able to below and we will do our best to connect you with an awesome neighbourhood volunteer! Note that the RCA facilitates this connection, but all interactions you have with the volunteer are no longer associated with the community association. We do not require any form of criminal record check for volunteers, and we encourage you to follow safe interaction protocols, especially when any money may be involved. Lastly, please note that depending on the number of volunteers willing to assist we may not be able to help everyone in need

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