Edmonton Trail Day Poster.jpg

The Renfrew Community Association is holding an event on August 18th where we will be closing one northbound lane of Edmonton Trail between 7th ave and 8th ave, to convert it into a people-focused area (rather than car-focused); think of it like a big street party for the day! The event is running from 10AM - 4PM and will have many different activities happening.


We are in desperate need of volunteers, both leading up to, and at, the event. Please check the opportunities below and let us know if you would like more information or to help out. If you're available, please consider helping support this community building event so it can go off without a hitch! 


Volunteer roles:

  • Street art section lead - We have a section devoted to street art with out current plan to do a bubble design allowing people to fill in the bubble with street chalk. The section lead helps to orchestrate other volunteers and help lay the stencil outline on the day.

  • Street art volunteers - We need volunteers to help supervise the street art section. Ideally, you would be available for a 4-hour shift (9-1 or 1-5).

  • Multi-use space lead - The multi-use space will be used throughout the day for a variety of different activities. This person would liaise with the different organizations involved (supported by David) and make sure that the space is filled throughout the day. 

  • Waste management volunteers - due to the number of people expected, we will need volunteers throughout the day helping to make sure the space stays clean and enjoyable!

  • Info tent/first aid/volunteer check-in volunteers - This is the jane/jack-of-all-trades position. Helping deal with any questions, unexpected happenings and generally making sure people know what's going on

  • Kids section volunteers - We need 8 volunteers throughout the day to help lead kid-oriented activities. These volunteers will be working with the awesome Melanie as the section lead.

  • Set up/take down - We will need help the day before (Friday Aug 17), early in the morning on Saturday (6-9AM) and following the event (4-6PM). 

  • Bike section volunteers  - Needed to help run a variety of bike-orientated events (think bike decoration, helping organize a community ride) throughout the day. Working with section lead, Jill.

  • Other general volunteers - We will need help throughout the day for various other activities and events!

Also - if you have a truck and towing trailer, we are looking to move a number of large, heavy, items in the day(s) leading up to the event. Please contact us!


Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon!

David & Nathan (Edmonton Trail Day Co-Chairs)