Update on progress and signup details - Open house #2

We have made a lot of progress over the summer. Come to the open house at the Renfrew Community Centre @ 811 Radford Rd NE to hear about more details around the project including:
- Technical implementation of the array
- Structure of the coop/corporation that will subscribe investors
-The location of the installation
-Investment structure setup
-And much more.

Oct 16th, 5-9PM  

The Renfrew Solar Garden is a project currently being evaluated by the Renfrew Community Association along with help from the City of Calgary and their partners. 
Renfrew was awarded a grant from the application to the Energy Efficiency Alberta - Community Generation Capacity Building program. Proceeds from this grant will be going into community engagement and feasibility studies for the creation of a solar array in or near the neighbourhood. Exact location, size and orientation is currently unknown and will be determined from execution of studies under the grant. The target size of the array is 1 megawatt (about the size of a hockey rink).
In 2019 several open houses we be hosted that engage the community with the project. Results of studies will be presented and community investment will be encouraged. 
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