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Volunteers needed: Jelly Bean dance and Candy Rave

An established community event, the Jelly Bean and Candy Rave dances, are in search of volunteers to help make this year another success. For those that are unaware,  the Jelly Bean Dances have been running in Renfrew for over 23 years and continue to be a popular activity for the children in the community.  Eight times a year, for 2 hours on a Friday evening (6-8), children from kindergarten to grade 5 gather at the Renfrew Community Hall for a dance party with DJ, light show, door prizes and contests.  There is a Kool-aid station (free if you bring your own cup) and a canteen where the little ones can buy a variety of treats and hot dogs.


In recent years the evening has expanded to include the teenagers of Renfrew and surrounding regions.  For those in grades 6-9, the dance party keeps going until 10pm.


This year, events will be held on September 15, October 20 and November 24.


To make sure these events can run successfully, we need volunteers; that's where you come in! There's a wide range of opportunities with variable time commitments. Please take a look at the list of volunteer positions below and get in touch with Michael Leboldus at to help out. 


Volunteer positions:

  1. Shopper(s) - go to Costco and/or Wholesale club to buy product and deliver to the hall.

  2. Set up- usually an hour early (8 am) on Thursdays to set up the hall.

  3. Tear down - an hour (45 minutes if we have the bodies) from 10pm-11pm on the night of the dance.

  4. Ticket desk - from 6 pm to 9:30 pm

  5. Sandwich board set up - completed the Saturday before the dance, somebody that can lift the sandwich boards out of their car and put them around the neighbourhood.

  6. Sandwich board take down- completed either late during the dance or the next day and return them to the hall.

  7. Concession supervisor - teenagers usually work the first couple hours then it slows down and the supervisor and other adults take over.  Need to take an inventory of what is left at the end of the evening and create a shopping list for the shoppers.

  8. General crowd control - just to keep kids from doing things they shouldn't, pick up garbage, ensure there is no spillage on floor that could cause slips.

  9. Facebook/social media promotion -  Just keeping the word out there.


Thanks for helping support great community events!


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